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Fill in gaps from missing teeth with Dental Implants! You can fill one, multiple, or all with implants with peace of mind that they will be a secured solution.

The Process

1. BONE GRAFT: A bone graft may be needed prior to the implant placement if your jawbone is not thick and strong enough to hold the implant. The bone material used in this graft may come another location in your body or it can be synthetic (bone-substitute)

2.IMPLANT PLACEMENT: When the bone graft is healed, it’s time to insert the implant. To expose the bone, the gum needs to be cut, and a hole is made on the bone. The implant metal post is then drilled and placed into the hole.

3.OSSEOINTEGRATION: This process is where the jawbone and gum unites with the dental implant. This process takes a few months.

4.ABUTMENT: When the osseointegration is completed, the abutment is then placed on the implant where the gum will surround itself on. A few weeks after healing, a crown is then attached.

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