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Routine Cleaning and Exams

Routine Cleaning and Exams
Routine cleaning and tests are significant and enthusiastically prescribed by your dental specialist to guarantee solid oral consideration. The American Dental Affiliation suggests that normal cleaning and tests should occur at regular intervals. While home-care like brushing your teeth and flossing are imperative to keep your teeth spotless and solid, routine dental visits ensure that great oral cleanliness is kept up.

What happens during my routine cleaning and exam appointment?

Our accomplished hygienists will clean your teeth and arrive at any difficult regions that can be hard to clean with standard brushing and flossing at home.

During your exam, Dr. Hung Luong won’t just ensure your teeth are spotless and fit as a fiddle, he will ensure your gums are solid too. Your dental specialist will also inspect your head, neck, and mouth for oral malignant growth and some other anomalies. They will notice the plaque and tartar in your teeth. These standard routine and cleaning procedures can help forestall future oral and medical issues by getting early indications of gum infection and tooth rot. On the off chance that you have any worries with respect to the wellbeing and presence of your teeth, dental tests are the best an ideal opportunity to tell your dental specialist so they can give a custom treatment plan to you.

Types of Dental Cleaning

Prophylaxis (regular dental cleaning) – Also called a Routine Cleaning, prophylaxis appointments happen like clockwork. Every 6 months, a dental hygienist eliminates plaque, calculus (solidified plaque), and stains left on teeth.

Periodontal Scaling and Root Arranging (deep cleaning) – This kind of cleaning screens and prevents periodontal disease. This non-surgical procedure attempts to eliminate any tartar development between your gums and teeth.

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